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History of CPI Professional Development Program (PDP)

cpi’s professional development program (pdp), which has been going strong for over 16 years, consists of educational and training courses that provide unmatched opportunities for participants to increase their knowledge of the polyurethane industry. the pdp provides unparalleled learning opportunities for both industry newcomers and veterans. cpi strives to provide opportunities that keep industry professionals on top of the latest standards, trends, and developments.

红包扫雷软件开发是否犯法cpi’s pdp attendees include the nation’s leading suppliers, producers, and distributors of chemicals and equipment used to make polyurethane and manufactures of polyurethane products. our pdp program is the building block for members and non-members of cpi to understand developments in polyurethane products from new science-based research, new innovative technology, polyurethane elastomers, coatings, sealants, and much more.

The 2020 PDP

Expand your knowledge of polyurethane with the help of top experts during the 2020 PDP being offered October 5-7, 2020 in San Antonio, TX. The PDP courses run concurrently with the . The education and training courses provide opportunities for participants to increase their industry knowledge and range from broad introductory subjects such as PU 100: Introduction to Polyurethane Industry to advanced, specialized topics such as PU 204: Physical Testing of Polyurethane Foams.

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This extensive variety of courses provides topics of interest to non-technical and technical professionals alike. PU 100 and PU 102 may interest an industry newcomer who desires a comprehensive overview of polyurethane chemistry, chemical ingredients, machinery, end-products, and markets.

CPI continues to develop new courses including the newest course PU 106: Composites which was offered for the first time in 2019. This new half-day course covered: resins, fibers, processing techniques, and applications.

All courses are taught by subject-matter experts. A complete list of the PDP courses offered in 2019 can be found below:

Courses Offered in 2019

红包扫雷软件开发是否犯法courses offered in 2019 ranged from broad, introductory subjects to advanced, specialized topics, and included:


Whether attending one or more courses, PDP tuition is a flat fee of $250 in addition to regular Conference registration; this fee includes course materials. This flat fee covers registration for all courses offered at the 2020 Professional Development Program. 

Past PDP Programs

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  • 2019 Polyurethane Professional Development Program (flash drive)
    The flash drive contains presentations shared during the 2019 Polyurethane Professional Development Program at the 2019 Polyurethanes Technical Conference held October 7-9 in Orlando, FL. 
    Price:  $300.00
    Member Price: $150.00

  • 2018 Polyurethane Professional Development Program (flash drive)
    The flash drive contains presentations shared during the 2018 Polyurethane Professional Development Program at the 2018 Polyurethanes Technical Conference held October 1-3 in Atlanta, GA. 
    Price:  $300.00
    Member Price: $150.00


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