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Working safely with isocyanate-based spray-on linings.
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contact with excessive amounts of polymeric mdi can be harmful to your health. when mdi is sprayed, you could be overexposed by:

  • Breathing high airborne concentrations of MDI
  • Getting MDI on your skin or in your eyes
  • Swallowing MDI


红包扫雷软件开发是否犯法if mdi is inhaled, it can cause irritation to the nose and lungs. if inhaled over a period of time, a person may feel tightness in the chest and have difficulty breathing. continued over exposure may cause the body to become sensitized or allergic to mdi, which means even very low levels of mdi can cause serious health effects, including asthma attacks. immediate medical attention is needed if this occurs. refer to the manufacturer’s msds for more information.

Skin or Eye Contact

MDI should not come in direct contact with the skin or the eyes. Repeated contact with the skin may cause discoloration, redness, swelling or blistering, which could lead to skin sensitization. If MDI comes in contact with the skin, wash the area thoroughly with soap and flowing water, and seek immediate medical attention.

Getting MDI in the eyes can be painful and could cause tearing and irritation. If this occurs, immediately wash out the eyes with a continuous flow of low pressure water for at least 15 minutes. Seek immediate medical attention.

红包扫雷软件开发是否犯法Refer to the manufacturer’s MSDS for more information.

Swallowing MDI

红包扫雷软件开发是否犯法if mdi is swallowed, vomiting should not be induced. instead, the mouth should be washed out with water, and the person affected should rest and seek immediate medical attention. refer to the manufacturer’s msds for more information. 

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